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Fully flooded
Partially flooded
Potentially flooded
Not flooded
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Komatiite-associate nickel deposit
Layered mafic-ultramafic intrusion deposits
V-Fe-Ti deposits related to mafic intrusions
Intrusive (intramagmatic) deposits
Magmatic lead deposits; Structure-related lead-zinc deposits
Magmatic beryllium deposits: Beryl-bearing pegmatoids
Magmatic chromium deposits: Podiform chromite deposit
Ultrabasic rock
Serpentinized peridotite
Synorogenic Ni-Cu deposits in (ultra)basic intrusions
Pneumatolytic an pegmatitic deposit


Skarn deposits

Hydrothermal epigenetic

Fractionated granitoid-associated deposits
Porphyry-associated deposits
Iron oxide copper gold deposits
Syn-deformational hydrothermal and replacement deposits
Orogenic gold deposits
Epithermal gold deposit
Carbonate-hosted stratabound lead-zinc deposits (Mississippi Valley-type)
Vein type deposit
High Sulfidation epithermal type
Talc-magnesite deposits in ultrabasic rocks
Contact-metamorphic and regionally-metamorphosed marble
Unconformity-related uranium deposits


Volcanic-associated massive sulphide deposits (VMS)
Sediment-hosted stratiform base metal deposits
Sediment-hosted copper deposits


Banded iron formations (BIF)
Sedimentary manganese deposits
Coal deposit
Marine calcitic limestone deposits
Oolithic iron deposit
Sedimentry Exhalative Deposits (SedEx)

Residual and supergene

Bauxite deposits
Lateritic nickel-cobalt deposits
Lateritic & supergene gold deposits
Supergene deposits associated with palaeochannels
Lateritic phosphate-REE-Nb deposits
Supergene iron ores & transported channel deposits
Calcrete uranium deposits
Reduced palaeochannel/roll front uranium deposits


Placer gold deposits
Heavy mineral sand deposits
Placer tin deposits


Uraniferous phosphorites deposit
Volcano hosted Fe deposit
No info
Exhalative - diagenetic
Hydrothermal epigenetic
Marine -sedimentary
Metamorphic calcium carbonate deposits
Structure-related rare earth deposits
Residual and supergene
No info